Anal Play; prostate, fingers, toys) – light for the beginner, or more intense for the experienced player. From a single finger tickiling your P-spot to toys and plugs and vibrators. If you want to indulge in anal play  be very clear beforehand about  your limits, and be impeccabily clean.

Ball Busting – Barefoot or with shoes on, ask for it as hard as you can take it only if you’re serious about wanting to impress me. I deliver harsh kicks without ever causing serious, long-lasting damage.

Feet, heels and boots Worship – my gorgeous  feet in your hands, and mouth. Kissing, massaging,  pampering , licking, sniffing, stuffing your mouth with my toes. Feet can be freshly clean or dirty and smelly, bare or wrapped in silky stockings. Nails can be varnished or unvarshined. I have a selection of heels, boots, sneakers and trainers for you to adore, before I decide to take them off and make you adore my feet.


Body worship – after I've used you and abused you, if you have been impeccably well-behaved and obedient and have managed to impress me, I might reward you by allowing you to woship my feet and legs and, if you've been exceptionally good and I'm in a good mood, I will allow you to kiss my ass.

Bondage – leather restraints, chains,ropes, shackles and menacles, St. Andrews Cross, stocks, stretcher bed, medical bed and spanking benches, clingfilm, ductape, gags and blindfolds... the list is endless.


Caging - imprisonment and reclusion either inside a cage, a stand-up cell, a proper full sized prison cell, or an upright coffin with restraints. Being caged and ignored, or rarely acknowledged, for hours is definitely a niche fetish, and one that perhaps is difficult to approach for the first time. I can keep my slaves confined for any length of time from one hour up to a full day.

CBT cock & ball torture – not for the squeamish. Your tiny cock and balls will be slapped, pinched, pinned, and tortured until they’re sore and red. There is a vast array of instruments and techniques I use, and as with everything else, I can go from gentle to harsh. I categorically won’t use needles and knives.

Smoking and Cigarette Torture – provide your favourite brand of cigarettes (I do not usually smoke) and enjoy watching luscious smoke coming out of Mistress’ perfect red lips, and being blown in your face. Open your mouth and be my ashtray. You can be brave and decide to go further, and have Mistress torturing your skin in the most sensitive areas with a lit cigarette.


Dates and Companionship - If you are a bit nervous and would like to get to know me more before organizing a session, or if you simply enjoy the company of a young, wordly and open minded Lady, I am also available for lunch dates, dinner dates and clubbing nights in fetish/BDSM clubs.

Corporal Punishment: Spanking, whipping, caning – Caning, whipping, spanking, paddling, flogging, bastinado and more.I love giving corporal punishment and love seeing my pain sluts going through the spiritual ecstasy of intertwined pain and pleasure.

Chastity Training and Orgasm Control – guaranteed to drive you insane. Mistress will order you to buy a specific device and then train you to stay in chastity for an agreed period of time - usually before an upcoming session together during which you will be extremely weak in the mind, you’ll be shaking with desire, you’ll beg me for relief and I will manipulate you, use you and abuse you before deciding whether to allow you to relieve yourself.

Face sitting – moderate or full weight, but rigorously clothed

Fisting – for expert players of anal play. To be able to enjoy fisting, you will need to have been anally trained before. I will then prepare you, lube you up, stretch you, slide my hand in and make a fist. Punch fisting is the most intense form of fisting, as you literally get punch fucked. If want to experience fisting but haven't been trained yet, mention it when you contact me and I will organise your training.


Food play – cream, cake, custard, chocolate, champagne, anything you can think of. You can get sploshed or be eating something from off my body – i.e. my fingers dipped in chocolate, my feet dipped in champagne – or be fed something after I have chewed it. Have some phallic shaped vegetables or fruits penetrating into you. Be force-fed and sploshed.

Sissification, Forced Fem - reserved for sissy sluts only. You’ll be wearing sissy knickers, stockings, bra, plenty of slutty make up and Mistress will turn you into the horny little slut hungry for cock you were born to be.

Humiliation and degradation on all levels – spitting, face slapping, verbal humiliation, puppy training, pony training and a million other ways of treating you like the piece of shit you are.

Nipple Play and Torture – twisting, pinching, biting, dripping hot candle wax, digging my nails into them, pumping them up and holding them in clamps.​

Financial Domination - give me cash and gifts, and hope for humiliation in return.

Role Play – a more or less intense mind game, in which fantasy roles are taken and anything can happen. Medical, Teacher and schoolboy, Interrogation, Boss and employee, etc etc.

Slave training – from the basic manners to strict protocol. Show me your committment and I will be happy to introduce subs to the mental, emotional and physical pleasures and pains of being an actual slave.

Strap On play, worship and training – a variety of gorgeous cocks in all sizes from small to crazy that you'll suck first then take up your ass. Mild to wild and always clean.

Tie, Tease & Deny – a very sensual activity, perfect for any beginner, and for anybody who is not into the heavy side of BDSM. You get tied up, unable to move and unable to touch yourself, and I will tease you, get close to you and move away, show you my body in sexy lingerie without letting you touch it or even reach it. I will drive you insane with frustration and make you lose control, still denying you what you want, to the point where I own your mind completely.

Trampling - Mistress will be on heels or barefoot and walking up and down your body. I can be supporting myself onto something or forcing my whole body weight on your stomach, back, thighs, genitals and face. I can also add verbal humiliation to create a fantasy scenario where you are a bug, a worm, a disgusting little animal that needs to be crushed. Although I enjoy playing out this scenario, I will not do any crushing on an actual animal.

Watersports​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ – one little favourite of my mine. I get a real kick out of pissing on some slave’s face and body, and whether you’re brave enough to drink my golden nectar or the stinginess and smell are too much for you to take, I just love watching you getting soaked.

Breath Play - let's see how long you can hold your breath for... rigorously no plastic bags and no fainting.